Computer Hardware Training


BASIC OF ELECTRONICS  :- Electronics idea, AC / DC Current, Volt , Ampere,  Resistance, Measurement Units,   Multimeter use check  AC, DC,  Resistance, Understand Earthing  , Conductor , Non-Conductor material  ,  Types of circuits, Close , Open , Short.

FUNDAMENTAL OF COMPUTER :-  Defination, Generation , Classification,  Anatomy  Input Devices,  CPU Secondary Storage,  Output Device, Types of software, Types of  Computers.

IDENTIFY PARTS OF COMPUTER :-  Smps,  Motherboard & Cpu , Hard Disk & Dvd Rom, Monitor / Lcd/ Led, RAM, Printer Types Basics,  Anatomy of Computer hardware,Identify and Explaining  Different  Parts of  Computer,Input output CPU Device, Different Input Devices(Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Joystick, Light Pen, Tracker Ball, Mike, Camera, Punch Card, Barcode Reader) , CPU , (ALU, CU , MEM, RAM, ROM EPROM, UVEPROM, Secondary Storage , Different Output Device ,    (Monitor, LCD, TFT, LED,  Printer, Speaker, TV, Types of Monitors, Printers, Dot Matrix Printers, Inkjet/Deskjet, Laser, Plotter, Thermal Printers).

SMPS :- Types Of SMPS  20, 24 pin, Different Types of Connector ,  Output With Pin Colors, Checking Output of SMPS, 12v ,5v, 3.3v, pson, pgood, sus, etc, Open and See Demo Of Computer SMPS.

MOTHERBOARD & CPU:-  Types of Motherboard, Block diagram of Motherboard, North, South, I.O, Audio, LAN, Crystal, Clock Chip, etc. , Model CPU Socket, Different Connector  LPT , COM, VGA, SERIAL, LAN , FDD, HDD, SMPS, etc. , Types of CPU Socket, LGA PGA, Types of CPU Pin Slots.

Hard  Disk & CD DVD ROM :-Different types of hard disk , SATA, PATA, Size, Parts of Hard Disk, Platter, Spindle Motor, Head, VCM, PCB, Air Filter, etc. , Internal storage  idea  Track, Sector, Cluster, Head, FAT  MBR NTFS, Head, Spindle Motor, PCB Air filter , Open & Demo, Basic Functions of  DVD, Type of Connections.

Internal Basic Idea of CD/DVD

Eject without power

LAN basic service

MONITOR/ LCD / LED :--Basic Structure, Working idea of Monitor, Open & Close demo of Monitor, Different Serial Ports of Monitor, LCD, TFT, CRT, LCD function idea, Measuring lcd size.

RAM  :- Types  of  RAM, Different RAM Different Pin Detail, DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, SDRAM, etc. ,   Different Volt for different RAM ,   Frequency  Bus Speed FSB,  Different RAM Slots

PRINTER BASIC IDEAS :-Types of Printer, DMP –  Ribbon Changing, LASER –  Toner Changing, DESKTOP   –  Cartridge  Changing, BASIC INTRODUCTION.

DISMANTLE & ASSEMBLE COMPUTER :- Computer parts Replacement of Above components,  Testing, Compatibility, types, connection.

OPERATING SYSTEM :- Installing Os & Drivers, Use Of Windows, Control Panel , virus, types, internet setting.

TROUBLESHOOTING OF COMPUTERS :- Windows troubleshooting , MS Config, Windows Recovery, File missing Error, NTLDR Missing, Utility Software , Installing different software Virus Antivirus,Internet Use  & Setting.

BASIC NETWORKING : – Types Of Network & topology, Types Of Cable & Connector , Cabling Structure, Cross Over & Straight Through Cabling, Crimping Methods, IP Address & Subnetting Concept ,Sharing  File & Printer with Networking, Using Internet with Networking.


REGULAR CLASS ( daily 1.5 hrs) FAST BATCH  (daily 3 hrs) FULL DAY BATCH (daily 6 hrs) SPECIAL (1 to 1 class)
1 Month  6 Days   1+1 Days  1 Days